First, let us all say the name how it's properly pronounced, KOSMIOS (caus-mi-ahs) PERFECT! 

You may find it shocking to learn that Kosmios hasn't always been the chic and elegant stylish boutique you see today.

It started with two best friends out of Miami, FL who initially met (well to be honest) while working in the club. Though they were financially successful, the urge to get out of the club environment began to grow. After 10 years of working in what is considered a poisonous club industry, they decided to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test. They began to create a women's clothing line, called iKraveMiami. Little did they know this business would eventually bring them out of the unhealthy and dangerous "club life" they were accustomed to. 

Desperate for a permanent change, in 2012, iKraveMiami was then relocated from Miami, FL to Houston, TX. That's when the journey began. During the first three years of iKraveMiami, they collaborated with celebrities and their clientele grew substantially. Although they had immense success and was able to provide for their families and loved ones, they still weren't quite fulfilled. They were still looking for more than just a change in environment. We are talking about a life change, the beginning of a true relationship with Christ. As their relationship with Christ grew, the conviction to be set apart began to set in.

Both women agreed to act on these convictions. While doing so, they decided to change the name from iKravemiami to Kosmios. It became their God-given name for their clothing line, which means modest, decent and in order. They immediately began to trash (YES! It went to the dumpster) about 70% of their inventory. Crazy?! You may think so, but the scripture Mark 4:19 impelled them to move forward in their decision and trust in God. 

With their new found motto,"purpose over prosperity", Kosmios is more successful than ever before. While on the road to modesty, they are determined to make class and elegance their fashion focus. 

Though obstacles will come, with the help of their new CEO (God) anything is possible. Let it be known that Kosmios is here to stay and to make their mark in the online fashion industry. Their mission is to spark the inner queen in every woman while wearing Kosmios.