How Pre-orders Work

A Pre-order item allows the client to purchase our most requested items in advance. When Pre-ordering an item from our website, please keep the following in mind:

  • Payment is charged immediately at checkout and not when the item ships.
  • The pre-order item may arrive at our facility either before or after the Estimated Ship Date posted in the description box.  Pre-order dates listed on our site are based on information we receive from our manufacturers and are subject to change.  
  • The listed date may not indicate the exact ship date for your pre-order. The pre-order may complete processing within 10 business days from the listed date.

  • To ensure faster delivery of your in-stock item(s), it is suggested that you place separate orders: one for your pre-order item(s) and another for your in-stock item(s).
  • If the estimated ship date is less than 30 days from the purchase date, all items in your order will be shipped together once the last Pre-Order is processed. 
  • If your order include multiple pre-order items, all items will be processed together within the last listed date.
  • If shipping was paid originally then you will only pay for shipping once.  We will not charge you again once your Pre-order is ready to ship.


  • If your order includes an in stock item with a Pre-order item your entire order will be shipped within the processing time of the last listed date.


If at any time you need further details, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist! 

Our Pre-order Items are best selling Kosmios pieces that have previously been in stock and sold out multiple times.